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  • Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson

    Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson

    Augusta | Classic South

    Thomas Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, lived with his family in Augusta for nearly 13 years between 1858 and 1870. His father was pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, and the house was used as a hospital for soldiers during the Civil War.  Most Wilson historians believe...

  • Brown House Museum

    Brown House Museum

    Sandersville | Classic South

    This restored historical home built in 1850 is now a museum. Period furniture, artifacts, exhibits of the county's history and way of life are on display. Many area residents' personal historical items can be seen. See a rare photo of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and his personal signature on a penned...

  • Brown's Mill Battlefield Historic Site

    Brown's Mill Battlefield Historic Site

    Newnan | Presidential Pathways

    Now open! The Battle of Brown's Mill was fought July 30, 1864, in Coweta County, during the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War. Edward M. McCook's Union cavalry, on a daring raid to sever communications and supply lines in south-central Georgia, was defeated near Newnan by Confederate forces...

  • Brown-Stetson-Sanford House

    Brown-Stetson-Sanford House

    Milledgeville | Historic Heartland

    The Stetson-Sanford House is available for tours on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday Milledgeville Trolley Tours or by appointment. The house was built in 1825 in the "Milledgeville Federal" style by local architect John Marlor. The house features a Palladian double portico and original pilasters. Fanlights...

  • Brumby Hall & Gardens

    Brumby Hall & Gardens

    Marietta | Atlanta Metro

    The first superintendent of the Georgia Military Institute, Colonel Arnoldus V. Brumby, built this lovely Greek revival-style house in 1851 with the institute adjacent to the house. When Sherman's troops occupied Marietta in 1864, the house was used as a hospital. The institute buildings were burned...

  • Bulloch Hall

    Bulloch Hall

    Roswell | Atlanta Metro

    Bulloch Hall was built in 1839 by Major James Stephens Bulloch, one of Roswell's first settlers and the grandson of Georgia's Revolutionary Governor, Archibald Bulloch. The Greek Revival structure has been described as one of the most significant houses in Georgia and one of the South's few examples...

  • Butler Island Rice Plantation

    Butler Island Rice Plantation

    Darien | The Coast

    One of the largest plantations in the South was the Butler Island Plantation, located just south of Darien, across the Darien River on what is now US Highway 17. The story of the plantation is a fascinating one, beginning in the 1790s, when Major Pierce Butler planted the land on the Altamaha Delta,...

  • Calhoun


    Calhoun | Historic High Country

    The rolling hills of Calhoun/Gordon County are steeped in history and adventure. Step back 150 years to the Battle of Resaca and discover where much of the heaviest fighting occurred at the start of Sherman's Atlanta Campaign. Walk in the footsteps of the Cherokee Indians and see where the tragic "Trail...

  • Camp Lawton

    Camp Lawton

    Millen | Classic South

    During the Civil War, the site of Magnolia Springs State Park was called Camp Lawton. The 42-acre camp, the largest ever built by the Confederacy, was built to relieve the overcrowded prison at Andersonville. The prison was built to accommodate 40,000 prisoners, but only 10,299 were held there. The advance...

  • The Cannonball House

    The Cannonball House

    Macon | Historic Heartland

    The Cannonball House is an 1853 Greek Revival home built by Judge Asa Holt. The house was struck by Federal artillery in July 1864 during General George Stoneman's Cavalry raid. The house contains the founders' furniture for the two oldest sororities in the world, Adelphean and Philomathean. In addition...

  • Carrollton Historic City Cemetery

    Carrollton Historic City Cemetery

    Carrollton | Historic High Country

    Located across two hilltops along what was once the outskirts of town, the Carrollton City Cemetery is a peaceful and stately oasis in the historic heart of Carrollton. It is here that so many of Carroll County's best stories wrote their final chapters. Some of those stories are well known and some are...

  • Cassville - Atlanta Campaign Pavilion

    Cassville - Atlanta Campaign Pavilion

    Cassville | Historic High Country

    See the site of an attempted ambush by Confederate General Joseph Johnston's Confederate Army against Union forces commanded by Lt. General Schofield. The Federal army occupied Cassville until Nov. 5, 1864, when it burned the town in retaliation for Confederate partisan guerrilla activity. It was never...

  • Cassville Cemetery

    Cassville Cemetery

    Cassville | Historic High Country

    On a hill east of the town of Cassville, several burials took place around the time Cass County was formed. This plot became what is now known as Old Cassville Cemetery. The cemetery is best known as "The Confederate Cemetery at Cassville." There are around 300 Confederate graves, under the care of the...

  • Chattooga Academy

    Chattooga Academy

    Lafayette | Historic High Country

    The building is the oldest standing brick school in the state of Georgia, built in 1836. It was used by Confederate General Braxton Bragg as his headquarters during the Civil War. The Battle of Chickamauga was planned under an old oak tree that stood in front of the school. Today, the school has been...

  • Chickamauga


    Chickamauga | Historic High Country

    Located on the southern outskirts of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, the nation's oldest and largest military park, Chickamauga is home to the Gordon-Lee Mansion, Lee and Gordon's Mills and the Veterans of All Wars Museum. Known as the "Gettysburg of the South," Chickamauga is...

  • Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park

    Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park

    Fort Oglethorpe | Historic High Country

    In 1892, Congress authorized the purchase of 5,200 acres of land in northwest Georgia that makes up the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. This was the first major Civil War battlefield set aside as a memorial to the soldiers who fought there. The park was officially dedicated in 1895...

  • Christ Episcopal Church Historic Chapel

    Christ Episcopal Church Historic Chapel

    St. Marys | The Coast

    The history of Christ Episcopal Church in St. Marys can be traced to a founding congregation in 1843. A church building was constructed under the supervision of Isarel Geer in 1845-46. Christ Church entered the Diocese of Georgia as a mission in 1848 and in two years had a congregation of 25. The town...

  • Church of the Most Holy Trinity

    Church of the Most Holy Trinity

    Augusta | Classic South

    Church of the Most Holy Trinity c. 1810 is one of Georgia's earliest Catholic communities. The current building, constructed (1857-1863), is the oldest surviving Catholic Church building in Georgia. Its history is reflected in the building records of the present structure which was consecrated during...

  • The City of Gordon Depot & Railroad Museum

    The City of Gordon Depot & Railroad Museum

    Gordon | Historic Heartland

    Visit the City of Gordon's 1885 Depot and Railroad Museum; open the first and third Saturdays from 10 a.m. to  4 p.m. Free admission. The Gordon Depot freight room is available for meetings, receptions, weddings and other events through Gordon City Hall. The Railroad Museum occupies the Agent's office...

  • Civil War Diary Walking Tour

    Civil War Diary Walking Tour

    St. Simons Island | The Coast

    Time travel with master storyteller Harry Paisley, as he becomes Robert Morris, a Union hospital staff officer at a Civil War field hospital. Harry portrays Morris, who has returned to St. Simons Island. The purpose of his visit is to return a diary found on the battlefield at Fredericksburg, Va., to...

  • Civil War Driving Tour-War Comes to Dalton

    Civil War Driving Tour-War Comes to Dalton

    Dalton | Historic High Country

    Take a guided driving tour with the "War Comes To Dalton" Civil War driving tour. Whitfield County is home to a rich Civil War heritage. This area felt the war's impact almost from the beginning of the conflict, thanks largely to the presence of a main north-south rail line: the Western & Atlantic. During...

  • A Civil War Savannah Walk

    A Civil War Savannah Walk

    Savannah | The Coast

    A Civil War Savannah Walking Tour: March to the Sea at Savannah Time: By Appointment This 1.5-hour walking tour, the result of 10 years of Civil War research in Savannah, explores the dramatic North Central district of Civil War Savannah, including key miltary sites associated with Sherman and Robert...

  • A Civil War Savannah Walk: Secrets, Intrique and Generals

    A Civil War Savannah Walk: Secrets, Intrique and Generals

    Savannah | The Coast

    A Civil War Savannah Walk: Intrique, Secrets, and Generals explores dramatic sites, stories, and people significant to the Central district of Civil War Savannah. Site visits include the courtyard of Sherman's headquarters, Colonial Park Cemetery, and the Andrew Low House House where Robert E. Lee stayed...

  • Civil War Tours - Savannah

    Civil War Tours - Savannah

    Savannah | The Coast

    Discover some of the facts and trivia of the Civil War in Savannah on this two-hour, medium-pace walking tour. You'll hear from one of our professional and very knowledgeable guides, why Sherman spared "the Hostess City," and find out how some of its residents helped shape both the beginning and final...

  • Coastal Bryan Heritage Trail

    Coastal Bryan Heritage Trail

    Richmond Hill | The Coast

    The Coastal Bryan Heritage Trail is a combination of historic markers, homes and buildings in Richmond Hill and Bryan County. The trail incorporates notable pre-Civil War and Civil War sites identified by the Georgia Historical Society and sites from the Henry Ford Era. In the 1930s, Henry Ford made...

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